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Mostly Montreal Monday

Shots and thoughts from my new home of Montreal

Last week I grabbed my camera and despite the horrid temperature, just walked about aimlessly one afternoon.  It was the kind of walking the kids and I would manage every day in every other season besides this one.  Blah, blah winter sucks blah.

I came upon this garage and smiled because walking is good and walking in Montreal is great.

_MG_6898Theatre SPACE GO

Projet Quai Des Arts

“The idea came from the desire to make SPACE GO react to graffiti that appears sporadically on the façade of the theater, especially in its dock. Considering all the creativity shown by the scene graff Montreal, SPACE GO had the desire, rather than counter the phenomenon, to encourage in a specific context. Why not offer this space that is the landing SPACE GO to creative young people?

The artists met on 15 and 16 August 2011 to create this mural are Caro Caron, Zema, Mireille B. Utcher Krista Bursey, Peru Dyer, flexib, Tyler Rauma, Jason Botkin, Frank Lam and Fred Caron.”

_MG_6873 _MG_6870

If I worked here I would take up smoking again to have an excuse to come outside several times a day.

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Happy Monday Explorers.  Bundle up and let your feet wander.  But don’t smoke.  That shit will kill you.

The Best Things I Saw All Week

Happy Friday!  Let’s start with an explosion:


"Day's End"

“Day’s End”


I didn’t tidy up, not even after taking the picture so I think I’m officially an artist.

We went to the Grand Bibliothèque, Montreal’s largest library, and they had this age simulator in the kids’ section.  Here’s Farrah Star at age OMGWHYDIDIPRESSTHEBUTTON:


I spent the rest of the weekend taking pictures of her like this


so the seizures would stop.

This guy who caught me smiling at him smiling at him smiling at him:

Sortie 029 (1)

I caught this dying rat in the shadow of smokestack and titled it “Pollution in the Plateau” but National Geographic hasn’t called yet.


And from the Rabbit Hole, ripped for your pleasure:

  • I started doing this when I first had Arlo and decided not one more second of my life would be spent looking for “good” ones.
  • “A hideous orange makes beautiful juice.”  Selling Ugly.
  • Arlo received pencils and a coloring book for Christmas.  I thought I would join him at the table and sought a coloring book of my own.
  • My latest find on Twitter:
    • Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 8.45.35 AM

Finally, thanks to you who chose to Follow Salvation recently.  I won’t let you down as long as your expectations hover mid-range.
Have a great weekend!



I Made a Paleo Dish By Mistake

Forgive me for I have pinned.


From The Healthy Foodie

Beautiful, no?  “Creamy Cauliflower and Ground Beef Skillet” spoke to me as a one-dish meal, a way to use this primo beef and pork I just bought and CREAM.  I pretty much had everything on hand, at first glance.

That cream?  That is “Paleo mayo” and vinegar.

That cheese?  Shredded cauliflower.

That golden sauce?  Egg yolks.

This recipe calls for all kinds of things like sunflower seed butter, coconut husks and the hair of a wooly mammoth (for garnish, natch) but I went for it anyway using regular, dirty butter and its bitch, mayo.  In for a Paleo quarter, in for a pound.

From The Healthy Foodie IMG_3138 IMG_3144

Was it easy?  Yes.  What is delicious?  Not exactly, but it did have that pleasant “clean-eating” feel that Paleo touts.  It is an enormous pot of protein – eggs as a cream substitute? – but its greatest deterrent is also its best asset; it’s hearty and will give us dinner for two nights.  It was also pretty, not as pretty as the pinned picture because I broiled the eggs to death, but pretty for my table:


The only way I know about Paleo is because of Dooce, Heather Armstrong’s blog.  This woman is sharp, creative and fit, and she eats her Paleo with a dash of humor:

“…I realized that I’m stifling an urge to become fanatical about the Paleo diet. Do not worry, I’m not going to turn into one of those people. I’m not going to go door to door with a caveman puppet and a pamphlet detailing how to carve the marrow out of the thigh bone of the antelope you ran down and strangled with your own hands. But wouldn’t that make a great story? You’d be like YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE WHAT SHOWED UP AT MY HOUSE TODAY. Because my hair would be in dreadlocks and I’d be wearing a skirt woven out of the pelt of a goat.”

Read more:

As someone who could eat to live instead of live to eat, I could see myself adopting this diet for its health benefits; but as someone who lacks any joie de vivre cuisine (and prefers to eat vegetarian) I don’t want to.  I am just not the person to test recipes and source ingredients that will transform spaghetti squash into a scrumptious pasta alternative.  I mean, who would be around to eat all the candy?  Who would watch all the tv?  My god, WHO WOULD WRITE THIS BLOG?

Sorry Paleo, maybe next era.

Yik Yak Snapchat Throw Your Mom a Bone

Kris and I spent time together last weekend.  Alone.  Together.  See?


If you’re a reader of this blog you know my husband and I don’t get out much so this occasion was lovely; for a couple of hours we were easy on ourselves and with each other.  The details remain ours but I did wonder: Why Date Nights?  Nights are when my kids are asleep.  That’s my special, special, special time.  Date Days.  That’s for me.

Not only did we ice skate together but we got to talk uninterrupted about many topics including this blog and my writing in general.  Kris was surprised to learn I had a Twitter account. (He is not a frequent reader of BPS.)  I admitted that while I enjoy being part of the fray, I’m also striving to remain current.

I’ll sing a song on the radio and Arlo will ask “How do you know so much, Momma?” or I’ll talk about how his thank-you note will go through the mail system and Arlo will ask, “But how do you KNOW that?” incredulous at my knowledge of the nearly defunct postal service.  I realize these impressionable moments are fleeting but I long to be smart in my child’s eyes – or maybe not smart because I’ll be eclipsed early, but at least current.  I want to know about Snapchat and sexting for example and though I practice neither, I for sure want my kids to know that I know what they know.  That’s why I loved this article on social media.

Written By an Actual Teenager

Facebook is something we all got in middle school because it was cool but now is seen as an awkward family dinner party we can’t really leave.”

“To be honest, a lot of us simply do not understand the point of Twitter.”

Snapchat is where we can really be ourselves while being attached to our social identity.”

“(Yik Yak) has gotten to be so addicting because it focuses solely on the content of your posts—there are no followers, no profiles, nothing.”

I never heard of Yik Yak either.  The dominant themes of this breakdown were secrecy and anonymity and if that doesn’t spur a parent into at least knowing about them, I don’t know what will.  My children are still very young but I’m motivated to stay relevant in their world, especially in the way they communicate.

And THAT is how you flip your first date back into motherhood.  I didn’t even need an app.

Walking home the other day, Arlo told me school is where he learns things: “My teacher tells me something new and I hear it in my brain and it echoes and echoes inside my head and that’s how I learn.”  And then later he said, “Home is school for babies.”  That’s my kind of snapchat.

Parallelogram: Doctor Who What Where and When |

A tale of terror times two in this week’s PolarRico Parallelogram:

Parallelogram: Doctor Who What Where and When |.

MMM: Fetes Des Neiges

Mostly Montreal Monday

Shots and thoughts from my new home of Montreal

Ain’t no party like a winter party because a winter party feels MANDATORY, when you live in Montreal.  (Forgive me Liz Lemon.)

We went to Fêtes des Neiges yesterday because it was a glorious winter day – we almost reached zero degrees! – and it seemed wise to spend it outside.  This was the perfect family outing in Parc Jean-Drapeau with ice slides, performers, tubing, skating, ice sculptures and a life-sized foosball game where kids were strapped in where the peg-legged players would be.  Fun!

Just like the Holiday Parade, I was amazed by the commitment of the performers here.  The costumes and make-up were flawless and the players themselves were approachable, spirited and even bi-lingual.  They were true ambassadors for the event.

_MG_6937 _MG_6941 _MG_6945 _MG_6959 _MG_6962_MG_7013

We ate salted pretzels, drank hot chocolate and soaked it all in making the easy decision to attend both days next year.

_MG_6970 _MG_6990 _MG_7002 _MG_7005 _MG_7051 _MG_7030 - Version 2

Thanks Montreal.  Party on!

The Best Things I Saw All Week


  •   So, I’ve reached this phase of parenthood:
  • She had both the option to ride in the shopping cart or walk and hold my hand. She chose lying prostrate on the floor.

“How do you feel about feminine hygiene products’ portrayal in the media?”
“This blue liquid in place of red really has to stop. It lends itself to making menstrual blood a spectacle and a horrifying & gruesome secret. Let’s just be cool about it. Let’s all get the fuck over the fact that some people have periods.”

  • Also shared by 4th: This is what a miscarriage looks like.
  • I didn’t need 30 amazing photos to feel this feeling but I sure enjoyed them.
  • This is a photographer I am following and this is my favorite post.  You should follow him too.  His blog title!
  • This guy made me (and “Mom of the Year”) laugh and laugh and laugh:

IMG_3022 IMG_3023 IMG_3024

  • Finally, the best picture I took all week:


Have a good weekend, Good People.  Keep it clean.


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