Looks Like IV

Observations from my four-year-old:

This soup looks like a river to me.

This soup looks like a river to me.

Hey!  These look like a convoy!

Hey! These look like a convoy!

This looks like a tornado cup!

This looks like a tornado cup!

This look like the lids to Daddy's beer!

These looks like the lids to Daddy’s beer! (They are acorn caps.)

These look like wedding hangers!

These look like wedding hangers!

He looks like a hugging man.

He looks like a hugging man!


Arlo: “I made this puppet at school! I glued on his eyes and his hair.” Me: “This is great! Can you make him talk? Arlo: “No. He’s just a paper bag.”

Iron Man

One of Arlo’s last projects before leaving Madison’s Preschool Of The Arts. Thanks Kelly!

I suspect this fourth installment of Looks Like will be the final one.  My as-of-yesterday five-year-old doesn’t make a lot of these observations anymore; he’s too busy saying things like “As you see …. ” and “As I told you already … “.  Last night when walking home from dinner he remarked upon the holiday lights next door and said “I love those blue lights.  They make my heart feel decorated.”  I know what you mean, kid.

When I think about Arlo being five, I’m filled more with excitement for his future than nostalgia for his past.  It might be because I’m still in the baby and toddling years with Farrah Star but I think it’s because I’ve had the gift of being home with him, of being his Constant in every conceivable way.  I attended Immersion Parenthood and became fluent in Arlo.  Now I can go anywhere he takes me.

Looks like fun to me.

I See the Universe Looking at Me

Every year I record my child reading “Brown Bear, Brown Bear”.

Today my son becomes a five-year-old and

I see

I see

the universe looking at me.


Happy Birthday my Darling Dove.  You are everything.


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Parallelogram: Kissing Perfect Strangers |

Hello Hello!  Kiss Kiss!

Parallelogram: Kissing Perfect Strangers |.

Home Free

Today I’m happily answering another provocative photo challenge from Where’s My Backpack; this week it’s all about Freedom.

Free to go anywhere you choose.

Free to go anywhere you choose.

Polar Vortex

Free without even knowing/tweeting it.

Polar Vortex

The knee wants what the knee wants.


Free from hair and all that tangles up in it.


Free from boundaries

Montreal 024 (1)

Free stylin’


Free from distraction

Free from infertility

Free from infertility



Again I thought I’d be combing through years of archives but it turns out freedom is all around me, every day.

Thank you WMB for another great theme!

MMM: Luminothérapie

Mostly Montreal Monday

Shots and thoughts from my new home of Montreal

Light Therapy at Place des Arts, an impromptu Sunday outing and a good one.













Mild weather, the illuminated faces of my curious children and a ride on the metro.

Light therapy.

Happy Monday Explorers.

The Best Things I Saw All Week

The final of 28 centimeters (11″) after a 36-hour fall:





What it felt like:

Click for source.

Click for source.

Winter came to play, y’all.

A couple of nighttime shots shared on Twitter:



I’ve talked about the allure of Twitter before and lately I’ve upped my game.  In addition to the occasional pic I like the challenge of communicating in 140 characters.  Here I am if you’d like to follow and catch things like:


But if you want the real deal, check out George Wallace:


and 5uperfluous:

More from the net:

Another side to Sarah Lolley, children’s book author.

This stopped me in my tracks.

Made me laugh.

Enjoy your weekend shoveling and scraping and so forth and what not, et cetera.

A Case for Artificial

I dread decorating the tree every Christmas so this year, naturally, I bought two; one for the kids and one for the living room.  I’m the only one who decorates, I’m just not good at it and I resent how much time it takes.  Let’s get two!

Fa la la la la!

I could not let go of the image of my kids falling asleep and waking up to a Christmas tree.  That vision coupled with a steam train I bought last year specifically to go around a someday-kids’-only-tree and I just had to make it happen.


Worth it.  The whole scene is out of a storybook and I long for those kind of memories to be painted in my kids’ minds.

I myself have a deep imprint of my Grandmother’s white, aluminum Christmas tree in her living room.  Something like this:

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 9.56.26 AM

Click pic for source

Because of this potent memory, all of my Christmas decorations are artificial; sparkle, sequins, pinks, blues and plenty of iridescence.  Yet because of another potent memory, they all adorn a real tree.  I grew up with a fake, green tree – just plastic masking as a tree – and I always wanted a real one.  So here I am, stuck in the middle with you:



It’s so goddamned beautiful but if one of those white aluminum numbers pops up on craiglist, we’re going artificial next year.  Just like my boobs.  Are you there Santa?  It’s me, Lisa.



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