The Best Things I Saw All Week


Trying to get a better signal. (Mile End)


Carl lacks creativity/Carl embraces simplicity. Art. (Mile End)


We meet again! (Mile End)


I think you mean “Goal Keeper”. (Mile End)

Ruelle (Mile End)

Ruelle (Mile End)

This bitch.  (Mile End)

This bitch. (Mile End)

And this bitch.  (Mile End)

And this bitch. (Mile End)


The reason bar stools were invented. (Schwartz's Deli, Le Plateau)

The reason bar stools were invented. (Schwartz’s Deli, Le Plateau)

Have a great weekend raking leaves and making Halloween costumes.  Please bring me over a hot chocolate if you’re in the neighborhood.

Thursday Thought (23/10/2014)

Lisa Bagchi:

A timely and poignant snapshot from That Montreal Girl:

Originally posted on That Montreal Girl:

I thought this one was appropriate in light of what happened in Ottawa yesterday.

“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”

Mahatma Gandhi


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19 Months


Farrah Star, my darling daughter of 19 months and beyond, you are killing me.  My god, how did you grow to be so happy and cheerful and bubbly and all cheeky grinning goodness?


I am wild about you and not just because in your 19th month you finally decided to sleep through the night but it helps, holyallthingsholy does that help.  You have also decided to nap and what a joy it is have a moment of respite so that I may think about you, edit photographs of you, post to Facebook about you and write blog posts about you.  Even in slumber you are attached.  Our cord, yours and mine, never stops pulsing.  If I had a chance to name you again I would call you “Lure”.


Your teeter totter pitter patter footfalls tell the world you mean business but your sweet-sounding words and captivating mimicry is a language only we two speak.  Your attention is undivided.  You say Mama and I say Baby and no one else need say a word.


From Madison to Montreal our daily adventures continue through puddles and leaves and cafes and long, long bike rides.  You love to go.  You love your shoes and jacket and hat.  You see the world as I reveal it and the magnitude of that responsibility never escapes me.  You will be exposed to it all, secure in my shelter.


“Show me” I say, taking your hand.  I follow you to turn on the train and read the book and find the ball and blow up the balloon.  You don’t ask for much and yet everything at the same time.  Your patience is thin and very, very loud.  Farrah Star, you are killing me but what a way to go.  Mama.  Yes, Baby.


Nineteen months, my darling daughter.  Thank you.


Parallelogram: I’m Hungry. Now What? |

Laura’s all beach-side fruity drinks and fried plantains and I’m over here wrapped in a blanket building up my winter layer of fat, snack by snack.  Enjoy this week’s PolarRico Parallelogram:

Parallelogram: I’m Hungry. Now What? |.



MMM: Durga Puja

Mostly Montreal Monday

Shots and thoughts from my new home of Montreal

This past Monday was Canadian Thanksgiving, or as it is called here, Thanksgiving.  We did not have any plans so I was grateful to see the Montreal Bengali Association’s Durga Puja fall on the same day.  Our opportunities to celebrate Bengali traditions are few, the most recent being last October’s Annaprashan for Farrah Star.  Vain as I am, my mother-in-law had gifted me an outfit to wear in lieu of a sari and I was eager to try it but really I was just eager to do something different and go someplace new, as always.

Durga Puja

Durga Puja

Durga Puja

Durga Puja

Durga Puja

Durga Puja

It was a strange and beautiful morning and though I didn’t understand it, I enjoyed being witness and weaving another thread in the fabric between my in-laws and my children.

Durga Puja Durga Puja Durga Puja

Durga Puja

Shona Shona my darlings.

The Best Things I Saw All Week

It was a beautiful week, all autumn color and summer temperatures which allowed for much exploring of our Plateau.


Bird Watching Birds


City schools.  They’re different.


OBEY because you never know who’s watching over you.


I’m sure this building’s facade is famous, or infamous, and I wanted to learn all about it but googling “Montreal All Night Peep Show” sent me down a different kind of rabbit hole.








I am always grateful for attention that’s paid towards the shorter population of the city.  This gorgeous piece happens to decorate a garderie’s (daycare’s) facade but anything that’s at my toddling toddler’s eye-level is a thing of beauty in my mind.

IMG_1729 IMG_1730

Bon Weekend Dear Readers, and a special and genuine thank-you to those who’ve followed BPS recently.   Welcome!



What’s on the Inside

This week’s Travel Theme from Where’s My Backpack is the compelling “Interior”.  I nearly passed on this theme as my photos are shot outdoors (as I’ve yet to learn my external flash) but culling my archives proved otherwise and as always, it was a pleasure scrolling down memory lane.  Thank you WMB!


Prague, 2009


Arlo’s Crib, Bermuda, 2010


“Twenty”, North Carolina, 2010

realized view from our condo.

North Carolina, 2010


Seeking Shelter through Hurricane Igor, Bermuda, 2010


Hotel Del Coronado Housekeeping, California, 2010

Chicago 117

Chicago, 2007

An Shang, China 2002

An Shang, China 2002

Thanks for checking out my insides.



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