Sign of the Cross

There were more couples than usual at the clinic today.  I wanted to say something about there being lots of eggs to find on Easter so be hopeful!  But instead I sat in silence and made ilove to my iphone like a normal person.

This afternoon I should find out when Arlo and I will fly to New Jersey to conclude the rest of this IVF cycle.  Could be as early as Wednesday.  Or not.  It sure is fun not knowing if or when you need to fly across the country with your 2-year-old!  Alone. And jacked up on hormones.

Why New Jersey when I live in Wisconsin?  Because I just left Bermuda.  What?  When we lived in Connecticut… wait…WHAT?  Stop.  Start over.

Back in 2006 we were living in Connecticut.  Around the time of our second or third miscarriage we started seeing a Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE), a fertility specialist.  After my fourth miscarriage in 2008, we left Connecticut and moved to Bermuda for my husband’s job and because it was Bermuda.  Bermuda has no RE so we continued on with our Connecticut doctor, traveling back and forth, surviving a fifth loss and a failed first IVF.  Arlo was born December, 2009 as a result of IVF#2.  YAY!

When immediately trying for our second child and still in Bermuda, we switched to a New Jersey clinic because 1) it’s closer, 2) it partnered with a local OBGYN and 3) my awesome in-laws live in New Jersey.  After a sixth miscarriage from IVF#3, a failed IVF#4 and IVF#5 and job change, we left Bermuda and moved to Wisconsin.  But my awesome in-laws (a.k.a Arlo’s grandparents) still live in New Jersey and more importantly, we have a pre-paid cycle to u$e.  And that is why Arlo and I will head back to New Jersey for this IVF cycle, #6, later this week.

I have got to stop moving.


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