Must be Voodoo

Unexplained Infertility is when healthy, of-age folks cannot conceive.
This diagnosis is received by about 20% of couples and is about as mysterious as the male nipple.

Must be voodoo.

 After our first miscarriage in 2006 we didn’t get pregnant for over a year.  We had unexplained infertility.  After our third and most definitely our fourth miscarriage, I became a Habitual Aborter.  (I will never forget reading that on my chart.  Ever.)  Like unexplained infertility, recurrent loss is more statement than quandary.  You have not.  You know not.  Bold.  ALL CAPS.  Nothing to do but Carry On like one of those beaten-to-death British posters.  It felt good doing something in the diagnosis of nothing so we carried on to IVF and IVF carried us to honest-to-goodness parenthood.  In the face of nothing we got the very, very best something.  And we’re at it again.

I don’t really believe in voodoo.  I believe in what you do do.


5 thoughts on “Must be Voodoo

  1. Just what kind of toys do you let your kid play with? Kidding. But I do want to know what kind of doctor lets you play with their models like that? ; ) Hope all is well in NJ. xxBliss


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