Available Shelves

I used to watch Clean Sweep on the regular.  A softer and gentler Hoarders, it highlighted the trial, sentencing and rehabilitation of messy folk.  Peter Walsh served as Executioner, killing clutter with a clear eye and deft hand as the accused often wept.  My hero!  Like getting drunk during an episode of Intervention, I loved watching Clean Sweep in the orderliness of my own home, bereft of nearly all nostalgia, tchotchkes and soul.

I actually do have cherished pieces stashed here and there (I’m not totally without sentiment) and I up-cycle favorites that would otherwise go on forever collecting dust.  For example now we enjoy lounging with our old college sweatshirt (Kris) and Army fatigues (me).

But I have empty shelves and empty closets and have always had them no matter how small our home.  Room to breathe.  I wish I felt the same way about my jeans.  But on the topic of Peter Walsh and home organization, as a guest on Oprah a few years ago, together they made the point that if your home is full, nothing good can ever come in.  Make room for possibilities in other words.

I don’t think of my shelves as empty. I think of them as available.  I work hard so that my home, like my mind and heart, remains available to possibility.

I’m talking to you Universe.  The path has been cleared.


4 thoughts on “Available Shelves

  1. I love your repurposed pillows – I’ve been wanting to make a family t-shirt quilt for awhile now (except I don’t quilt so I have to find someone to do it for me!).

    You are so right! I’ve never been a hoarder, but I always have more than I need. Right now, I’m working to sort through everything so that I can have only what I need and use in my home. It’s a constant work in progress but it is so worth it! It’s an amazing feeling of peace – and openness.


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