Fool’s Errand

I have always felt a kinship with the actress Mira Sorvino.  She speaks Mandarin, I speak Mandarin.  She married a younger man, I married a younger man.  She won an Academy Award.  I watch the Academy Awards.

Mira Sorvino just birthed her fourth child at the age of 44 (45 in September but who’s counting?  Oh, NATURE.)  Her third child was born to her at nearly 42.

It’s natural to be obsessed with that which you cannot have especially when you have an internet connection.

In the final chapter of Tina Fey’s hilarious Bossypants she openly writes about wanting another a child despite the negative impact it could have on her career.  She begins that chapter with “Although having a baby at forty is a commonplace fool’s errand these days …” and goes on to prove just how commonplace by having that child moments later at the age of 41.  Because she wanted one, so she had one.  What?  What don’t you understand about that process?

Rachel Dratch, 44

Uma Thurman, 41

Nina Garcia, 45

Salma Hayek, 41

Never mind, that list goes on and on forever and ever.  Please don’t get me started on Kelly Preston (FORTY EIGHT).

I guess I have to keep telling myself “It’s not that every 40-something woman I know is pregnant, it’s that I know mostly 40-something women.”  Referring to my peers and my celebrity peers (that’s a real thing) of course.  It is logical and it makes me feel so much better about my own situation.  Really.

One thought on “Fool’s Errand

  1. Great blog! I just wrote a post about this myself, actually, and – if it’s any consolation – my guess is that most celebrity 40-something baby-makers are using egg donors (definitely Kelly Preston). There are no chemical peels for the ovaries, you know what I’m saying?


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