MMM – Nature’s Bakery

Mostly Madison Mondays – a howdoyoudo from my new hometown of Madison, Wisconsin

I am not the kind of person who can ignore a sign that reads “Fresh Baked Goods Inside!” so after getting my haircut on the East Side today, Arlo and I popped in to Nature’s Bakery Cooperative.  (I was also inspired by Ellen‘s visit as she used to belong to a cooperative in Michigan.  That girl taught me everything I know about spelt.)

It was bread baking day:

Sorry for the blurred shot but I jumped when I was told to get back please ma’am.  Apparently the bakers didn’t approve of a hair-clipping-covered stranger and her two-year-old up in their business.  Fair enough.

It smelled like nature’s heaven so we purchased and immediately ate some cinnamon raisin bread.

Nature’s Bakery on Willy Street in bountiful Madison, Wisconsin.

Eat bread.  Buy local.  Be happy.


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