Expecting Salvation: My Fifth Pregnancy

Expecting Salvation, a Sunday series on my pregnancies, births and losses.
“All the soarings of my mind begin in my blood.” – Rainer Maria Rilke

August 2008

This really happened.

I had a D&C one cycle prior, a “vigorous” D&C the OBGYN called it.  “Do you usually bleed a lot?” she asked.  Visions of Asherman’s Syndrome shadowed my thoughts after her post-op visit.  I didn’t regret the D&C but even the lab results – the whole reason for having the surgery – felt like a wash: my fourth pregnancy carried Trisomy 16, the most common chromosomal abnormality to cause miscarriage.

A few weeks later I found myself pregnant again.  Even though I cycled normally and we tried normally, I wondered if it could have been some lab error.  How is my body still getting pregnant?  My RE, a fellow skeptic to whose care we had returned was also stunned but there was no denying my results and especially after a vigorous D&C, this was not a lingering pregnancy, this was bona-fide.  I set aside my apprehension, held my breath and started progesterone support.

We had just moved to Bermuda and I was pregnant.  A new life with a new life.

September 2008

I continued blood tests to make sure things progressed but I didn’t do this for long.  My numbers started to decrease and there it was, the beginning of the end.  I was told to stop progesterone and call when I began to bleed.  Soon enough the cramps came in the middle of a day.  I was upstairs in the bedroom and then I was on the floor pedaling my legs in a rhythmic motion to ease the pain.  The blood came, more cramps, more floor.  I didn’t call.  Soon enough on the spectrum of forever it was over.

Labor and loss:

October 2008

The same test that tells you you’re pregnant also tells you you’re not pregnant.  In order to not be pregnant, my hormone level needed to be five or below.  This is important when I miscarry to make sure the pregnancy is gone, that there is no tissue left in the uterus that could lead to infection or otherwise.

I couldn’t get to five.  What fresh hell is this that I keep going for pregnancy tests even though I’m not pregnant?

Test after test and still too high.  Something lingered around long enough to start my doctor thinking and talking about cancer, specifically choriocarcinoma.  I was grateful something else would kill me because I couldn’t do it on my own.

On October 27, 2008 my HCG finally made it to 3.63 and I was in the clear.  I went home, continued drinking, unpacked and decorated a house for the ghosts inside.


6 thoughts on “Expecting Salvation: My Fifth Pregnancy

  1. Just curious…have you read anything about whether or not a more alkanized body may help fertility? My cousin and I have been talking about acidity (and the foods that cause it) in the body in relation to disease…just wondering if a more alkaline diet could help in this area too?


    • The homeopath I’m working with is making me work on that too. Switched out cow’s milk for almond milk. Trying to balance anything acidic I eat with something alkaline. It’s still early days for me so I can’t tell the benefits just yet.


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