Mirror Image II

Back in the 1990s when I lived on City Island in the Bronx, back in the days of Viviana and accepting all invitations, I attended a local charity auction and won this gorgeous photograph:

Actually, was it for charity or is that my memory ego?  I hope it was for charity because I remember the artist saying the frame alone was worth my $180 winning bid.  I felt bad but as the photographer, Ron Terner was my next door neighbor, I hope he forgave a young lady’s shallow pockets in exchange for a lifetime of adoration.  It was the first auction I ever attended and the first treasure I ever obtained by simply paying more than the next person would.  Total bad ass.  That feeling would propel me through many a poker tournament years later.

I have lived in
San Francisco
San Francisco
San Francisco
and Madison and she has been through it all.  I’d give up every piece of clothing I own before I’d let her go.  I feel connected to her like I am to The Girl with a Golden Gun.  She is beautiful of course; her figure, the lines, the light, the movement, but when I look at her she takes me further, deeper.

She reminds me that I am a total bad ass who likes to spend money on inspiring work.


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