MMM – BB Clarke Beach

Mostly Madison Mondays – a howdoyoudo from my new hometown of Madison, Wisconsin

Playgrounds and my frequenting of them is in no way noteworthy, however BB Clarke Beach is more than a playground and more than a beach, it is the place where fun goes to die.

We crested the hill to the park and WOWSA!  So shiny and bright!

We played here for a little while but did not go down the slide:

We ventured over to the beach which was abandoned but for a duck and her sweet baby ducklings, and this enormous dead fish:

I won’t tell you what’s inside that hole but I will say that unlike the fish, they were not dead.

After a snack we went for a stroll and passed some benches that were sagging under the weight of nobody:

All in all BB Clarke Beach carried a sad and lonely craigslist-casual-encounters kind of vibe.  Will we return?  Oh most definitely!  I hear Tim Burton is shooting his next film here.


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