Twisted Bush

Yard as metaphor.



I don’t know anything about landscaping but I know when something isn’t growing as it should.  Thanks Infertility!

We have four of these hideous creatures in our front yard, our very first front yard I should mention.  I know nothing about landscaping.  The previous owner seemed to equate zero-scaping with ignoring and that’s fine.  He poured his blood sweat and tears into the interior so, bygones.  When I mowed the lawn for the first time however I saw these beasts had started growing into the ground and into each other – total botany incest – so I did what I do best, clean.  Now they look like bonsai trees, the American version.

They don’t exactly say “Welcome!” but as our neighbor said “Maybe that’s a good thing.”

I like the wounded stumps and swirly branches.  It’s me in a mini-skirt.

I’ll probably write about the house for a while.  We moved in April so between spring and unpacking there are unlimited projects and decorating schemes to implement.  I am very driven when it comes to homemaking, relentless really and a lot of my energies are devoted to this plot of land and the building on it.  As to that other project, we move forward as well just not under any doctor’s care.  We are in a throw-our-hands-up-in-the-air time and space but I cannot wave ’em-like-you-just-don’t-care.  Relentless.  Really.


4 thoughts on “Twisted Bush

  1. I like it! It looks much better. Maybe they originally were supposed to be bonsai and somebody just let it go? Nice job!


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