Show’s Over

We have extraordinary windows throughout the house with lots of light shining on picturesque environs.  I believe our windows were designed to be naked.  So was I, but not in front of the neighbors.  Not yet.  I’m still searching Etsy for the perfect Mid-Century Key Party Bowl.

This is our master bedroom (before paint and wallpaper) and its glorious windows facing the street:

Dashing between bed and bath and closet did not exactly make for a haven of comfort.

Enter window films.  Wall decals are wildly popular.  I have few in the playroom and intend to get more.  Wall decals led me to window decals which led me to window films.  (I’m not breaking any ground, they sell them at Home Depot.)  Traditionally white, I put up two in our small master bathroom and we were very pleased with the results:

The only thing white in our master bedroom however, is me.  White would not do.  Finally I stumbled upon Decorative Films which was the only site I found offering a non-white, non-faux-stained-glass option.  They also send free samples!

I went for the bronze stripes:

It was not easy introducing another pattern into our PURPLE-POLKA-DOT WALLPAPERED MODERN MAJARAJA BEDROOM.  (More on that later.) but I could not be happier with the results.

Lets pause a moment and look at that shelving unit.  It is by far the largest piece of furniture we own in a room full of large furniture (did we think we’d live in a San Francisco loft forever?!?) and I put it in front of our largest window.  This was a risk and I think it works beautifully, not only highlighting our objets d’art but also giving you something to look at besides the street outside.  You know what else it says?  Balls.  I have decorating balls.  Big ones.

Back to the window film.

The stripes work.  They echo the lines of the shelf and the birdcage while contrasting nicely with the glass art and polka-dots.  The films are dark which lends a richness to the room’s palette without compromising light and I still get privacy.  They are also easy to install; slid along a soapy window, trimmed to fit and then smoothed with a large credit card thing which, if a long time ago you enjoyed cutting cocaine on a glassy surface, is most satisfying.

Light, privacy and beauty:

Time for bed.


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