Imminent Birth

There’s a new baby coming and I am the lucky Doula* who will help Mama bring him into the world.  Her estimated due date was Sunday so I could be called to serve at any moment.  I’m quite anxious because it will likely be the longest time Arlo and I have been separated.  I’m a little sick about that actually.

Someone at the infertility support group asked me if it was hard being a Doula while trying to conceive and I can honestly say it is not.  I believe birth is about women and being one myself, I love women.  Would I hold a newborn and stare into his eyes?  No.  From that I would probably and most gently refrain.  My ovaries might burst open losing what few eggs remain.  But I’m proud and happy to care for a woman and her partner during labor and birth and I think it’s work of great value to humanity at large.  Pardon the grandiosity.

I’m already looking forward to the huge rush of love when I see Arlo afterward.

*Slightly embarrassed that my site is so out of date.  Pick any two of the three:

  1. I’m not advertising.  I don’t want to be away from Arlo for long, unspecified periods of time.
  2. I’m not advertising.  I don’t have childcare that would accommodate such long, unspecified absences.
  3. I can’t remember how to edit the software.

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