A Tree Falls in Madison

One of Kris’s favorite baby names is Save.  At first I was not on board but I might be coming around.

The trees in Crestwood Trails have been marked for execution.  There is a pervasive/invasive species (?) that needs to be purged so until the arborcide you are treated to pink polka-dotted trunks everywhere.  Trippy.

Speaking of trees coming down, yesterday a mighty and delicious oak came crashing down in our backyard.
Pop . . .popPOP. . . . . . POP. . . popopopopopopop
(insert video here if there was one)

Sue and I and the boys were outside.  The boys didn’t skip a beat out of the sandbox but Sue and I were dumbstruck.  (Sue and Alexander, great friends from Bermuda/now Canada are surprise visiting for my birthday!)   After assuring Sue there was no house back there, no one was crushed, we inspected the scene and then noted the ravaged power lines.

Sue looked at the neighbor’s house while I lit up the bat signal to the power company.  The weight of the tree pulled down his post and tore his panel/meter box off the side of his house.  We were gratefully unscathed.  Our neighbor wasn’t home so we left him a note on his garage.  While there we witnessed a half dead mouse drag its maimed body across the walkway where he’d be less of a target to the circling crows.  F’ing nature.  The circle of life is a ball gag to most.

For the rest of the afternoon I was certain a certain baby would arrive to balance out all this crazy juju.  He did not.  Instead we were entertained by the many utility trucks, workers, machines and other scuttlebutt scuttling about.

Quite the afternoon overall.  Maybe Sue and Alexander will stay forever!  Now, what can I set on fire?


5 thoughts on “A Tree Falls in Madison

  1. Ummm…scary. Just fell? No wind? No lightning bolt from the sky? It looks fairly rotted through. I wonder how the other trees are around your place? We are surrounded by OLD trees too. Last year we had a near miss with a tree in the front yard.


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