Peeing Blind

My family’s health has been good so finding a doctor has been on the back burner.  Finding a OBGYN was not even on my radar since I’ve been under the care of my Repro Endo for so long. What this means is that the Bloodhound is




I have no access to a blood test to confirm this crazy thing.  I should be knee-deep in hyperoveranalyzing numbers and ripping off crusty gauze pads but instead I just keep peeing.

Did you know Planned Parenthood closes on the weekends?

I did tell my New Jersey RE’s office (with a perverse and misguided glee) that I’m pregnant and asked them to request a test.  I’m still waiting on the order.  When it arrives I’ll need to find a clinic/lab here who will test me.  I have no idea where that happens.  But wait!  None of this will matter because tomorrow we leave on holiday for more than a week.  So basically I’m up a creek with no blood test.


Black panties and pee sticks, that’s all I got.  Oh – and vials and syringes!  Don’t tell my RE but I called in an old refill on progesterone so I will be self-medicating until I’m ratted out told to do otherwise.  This ain’t my first rodeo.


6 thoughts on “Peeing Blind

  1. Too funny! Just keep peeing on sticks, babe. Hope the week goes by quickly. Maybe it’s for the best – that way you don’t have to analyse numbers. :) I’m sure they are amazing, so just enjoy your holiday and enjoy this lovely pregnancy before you start puking – LOL!


  2. You can’t walk into Planned Parenthood in the next few days? What about pinging Resolve? LabCorp should be able to draw blood, right? I’m freaking out, too, can you tell? What a helpful friend!


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