I’m going to post about the chairs we can’t use because its 101° in the shade right now.  They look great though.  And speaking of shade, we have a lot of it in the back/front/side part of our property and sometimes stuff doesn’t grow in the shade.  There is a particularly large bald patch right next to the front door that needed immediate attention.  Since nothing grows there my first thought was rock but how do you gussy up a rock bed enough to flatter your home’s dramatic entry?

Actually my first thought was to use what’ve got so I stacked a log pile there.  Blah.  Logs look better inside.  Then I put down Arlo’s old grey sand bins thinking nothing grows anyway, sand won’t hurt.  Absolute eyesore.  Frustrated, I caved in to a small expense and decided to border the space, fill it with gravel and our lounge chairs from Bermuda.  I got to work.

With help, I raked and smoothed the soil and hung a line to place the border:

In the midst of this exercise I excitedly unearthed that of those who came before:

Unfortunately those bricks were too deep.  In order to keep them as a border I would have had to remove several inches of dirt which seemed . . . dumb.  So instead I used the bricks as stabilizers for the chairs and placed the rock border (large rocks I found strewn on the other side of the house) behind:

Border done and chairs steady, I filled the space with white marble, set up cinder block tables and tossed some pillows:


  • 1/2 day including two trips to buy gravel


  • Cinder blocks free from craigslist
  • Border, chairs, pillows owned
  • Gravel 16 bags @ $3/bag = $48
  • TOTAL = $48

I don’t know that they do the architecture justice, but I’m pretty pleased with the results.  If nothing else this previous dead space has now become our favorite spot to watch the kids in the sandbox and blow bubbles in the yellow sunshine and that makes me feel good:

The ground cover is spotty with creeping charlie and moss and other hopefully non-poisonous plants.  It’s wonderful to have natural cover but its lack of consistency is driving me nuts.  The whole back/front/side space is kind of janky to be honest.  Maybe next year we skim the entire lot and do something like this:

Until then, we kick back and lounge.


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