The Wonder Clock

I never wanted to be a parent.  I rolled through my 20s and into my 30s free and easy.  Then I met Kris who from the get-go told me he DEFINITELY wanted a family.  Whatevs.  Get over here and stick your tongue down my throat.  Then a couple of years went by.  Then a couple more passed and we were getting serious.  He bought something called a TIVO and patiently explained how to use it.  I organized his closet and begrudgingly put the seat down.

Then I started reading about labor and birth from what I believed was a feminist’s impulse but was actually a response to my ticking clock.  I soon turned 35 (and in to a cliché) and the metamorphosis was complete.  I HAD TO EXPERIENCE BIRTH.

I still didn’t want to be a parent.  I was still terrified of/uninterested in having a baby, but I was driven to give birth in a way that can only be biological.  Thank goodness it all worked out in the end.  Funny that, parenthood.


The Wonder Clock, an app to stimulate discussion about the Ticking Clock myth phenomenon, would have been taken very seriously in my pocket.  Too serious in that it counts down your fertility based on birth date alone.  Ridiculous!  Everyone knows you can calculate your total number of fertile years by adding 30 to your age of your first menses! (That means I’ve got until 45.  There.  Now you know everything about my uterus.)

I agree with NYMAG’s Approval Matrix that The Wonder Clock is somewhere between despicable and lowbrow but by citing it there and writing here, I have to admit, that clock’s got legs.

Tick-tock, tick-tock out there.


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