Neck-Deep Phase I

Remember my Twisted Bush?  The time had come to border that which had been tamed.  Enter Pinterest and a stumbled-upon photo of a glass bottle border.  We have glass bottles.  Our neighbors have them.  Everyone has them.  I have two hands that know how to work and two thumbs as green as Marlboro Light Menthols.  For me, glass seemed the perfect landscaping material.  I knocked on my neighbors’ doors for their empties and got to work with little more planning than that.

An hour soak in a baking soda solution will remove just about any label.

Except Anchor Steam. That glue held on like it had something to prove.

I sorted the bottles by color; brown, (beer) dark green (wine) and bright green (sparkling water).  Since I planned on getting them in the ground neck-deep for stability I didn’t worry about bottle height, only color.  I started building quantity and pretty soon I could estimate a 4:1:1 ratio based on what we and our neighbors drank.  No judgements.  I didn’t count the bottles as I’m too lazy proud tired.  I merely eyeballed the three sorted bins and guessed.  Guessing complete I started bringing them out to the yard.

Measure and mark.

Since I had cleared away all the underbrush earlier, the natural border between the dirt and the grass was obvious.  I followed that organic line to keep things simple.

Create pilot hole.

REMEMBER TO SWITCH FROM HAMMER TO RUBBER MALLET then pound bottle neck-deep into earth.

Level bottle but then eliminate this step and use eyeball method. It’s a bottle border not the Taj Mahal.

Early progress


  • Phase 1  – approximately 3 hours to install but at least 2 weeks of collecting


  • Bottles free
  • Baking soda $6
  • TOTAL = $6

This bush has the smallest border.  Phase II and III will take longer and then I’ve got to decide on fill (mulch? gravel?) and get it transferred.  Note to self:  BUY WHEELBARROW. I am very happy with the result.  There was some worry it would look cheap but I believe sticking with a pattern (4:1:1) and keeping the colors in the natural spectrum (no blue Riesling wine bottles for example) negated that risk.  I can’t wait until it’s done!  I just hope I beat the snow.

Phase I complete.  Rock used along driveway and walkway edge for snowblower safety.


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