MMM – Jade Mountain

Mostly Madison Mondays – a howdoyoudo from my new hometown of Madison, Wisconsin

I like food whose very edibility is in question.  For example I love stuffed squash blossoms and cocktails made with rosewater.  Seaweed salad.  Bubble tea.  Choward’s Violet mints.  Baby aspirin.

Ever hot and thirsty, I set out to find some bubble tea.  Bubble tea is the perfect summer meal:  quenches your thirst while giving you something to chew on.  With a promise of garbage truck sightings along the way, I got Arlo in the car and headed to Jade Mountain.  We did see garbage trucks and moving trucks and utility trucks and we also started seeing signs for the airport.  We were on an honest-to-goodness trek.

Eventually we arrived at an open but empty cafe.

No matter.  I will not be denied a drink that requires this big a straw:

The moment of truth, the moment around which I’d planned an entire morning of both my and my child’s life:


It was not cold enough.  The bubbles (tapioca balls) were not hard enough.  It barely satisfied.  It was a sad little container of milky tea-rs.

I know you’re out there perfect Madison Bubble Tea and as long as there are garbage trucks on the road and gas in the car, by God I will find you.


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