MMM – Opera in the Park

Mostly Madison Mondays – a howdoyoudo from my new hometown of Madison, Wisconsin

Culture ain’t just for yogurt.  Pardon me.  Isn’t.

We politely attended Opera in the Park‘s Dress Rehearsal in Garner Park last week, perfect for us since it was early (before Arlo’s bedtime) and only a couple of blocks away.  We brought a picnic dinner and caught some of the majestic sounds before sunset.

(The 1987 movie “Fatal Attraction” first made me pay attention to opera.  That loft.  That wardrobe.  That kitchen sink.  Sure Alex had her flaws but loving opera wasn’t one of them.)

Thank you Madison Opera Chorus and the Madison Symphony Orchestra!

Momentarily riveted

It’s all about the lighting. Always.

Expecting a big crowd (I feel dirty for posting this but they had the best lighting. Refer to previous photo’s caption.)

Giving their all!

Smoke break. Something to steady the nerves no doubt.


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