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Mostly Madison Mondays – a howdoyoudo from my new hometown of Madison, Wisconsin

Despite the kid and house and feeling like I never stop moving, I do not elevate my heart rate for the recommended 30 minutes a day.  This I freely acknowledge but I also admit to not caring that much.  I’m in good health and I do not have a sedentary lifestyle, but I am in a rut.  I am also exhausted I think more than I should be (pregnancy aside) and softer than I know should be (pregnancy aside).  Since I’m not a subscriber to formal exercise (and even if I was I am unwilling to do it before 6am or after 8pm) I need something to address the rut, glut and butt that includes/engages Arlo.

Enter a weekend trip to DreamBikes:

DreamBikes is a great non-profit bike shop that sells used and donated bikes to the public.  My cycling needs are casual so I was excited and determined to leave with a bike that very day.

We saw this red Trek in my size, light as a feather and gave it whirl.  I write we because Kris was with me.  He found the shop, knows all about sporting gear and if you sent me to a bike store alone I’d pull a Pee Wee.

This good man replaced the seat, fixed the gears, adjusted the handle bar and added pedals.

I think it’s great and pretty and shiny!  Kris thinks it’s the right size, height, weight, price blah, blah, blah.  SHINY!  We laid down the plastic and took it home.

Why a bike?

Why do we do anything?

Weehoo!  He loves it thank goodness because that’s where we’ll be for at least 30 minutes everyday.

More or less.

(Helmets will be worn!  This was just a test run outside the driveway.)


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