57 Pounds

I gained 27 pounds when pregnant with Arlo and now Arlo weighs 27 pounds.  I’ve been diligent about our daily bike rides and I keep thinking about his 27 pound body.  Riding, pulling, carrying, lifting, holding.  I’ve had 27 extra pounds with me for a long, long time it seems and soon I’ll be carrying more.  Say I put on another 27 with this pregnancy and say Arlo hits 30 pounds by year-end.

That’s 57 pounds of parenthood.

At my peak that will be 57 pounds carrying my baby body and my boy upstairs to bed.
57 pounds from the car to the grocery cart.
57 pounds when he’s too tired to walk anymore at the zoo.
57 pounds.

How many times would you walk up a flight of stairs with 57 extra pounds?  Or even 27?  Maternity leave should include pregnancy leave.  Most women I know who work outside the home do so until labor begins because of our lousy maternity leave policies.  Your morning commute plus 27 pounds.  Every day.  Women are so strong it blows my mind.

After our bike ride today I dismounted and my pant leg somehow caught the seat.  Before I knew it I was on the ground – bike, trailer and Arlo on top of me.  Arlo was in his helmet and strapped in, but the sight of him scared and sideways made me pop up and lift both the bike and trailer with one hand while touching him with the other.  He was dazed but unhurt and me, desperate for him to not be scared of the bike, laughed and whooped it up as Super Mommy Clutz.  “Mommy fell!”  “Mommy’s so silly!”  It worked, he was laughing along and I trust all will be well tomorrow when we head out again.

But back to that one-handed maneuver: there was for sure an easier and lighter way to rescue Arlo but nothing as fast as instinct and biology.  Preservation of my young.  Maybe it was the endorphins from the ride but I felt pretty kick ass.  I know I could a lift car.

I can’t wait to be in full bloom, one baby in my arms, one baby in my belly but krispy kremes, that is a lot of extra weight.  I don’t expect to gain 57 pounds during the course of my remaining life, but in just six short months I will.  So if you see me roundly pregnant with a 3 year-old on my hip, help me.  I am strong.  I am invincible.  I am woman.  But yes, you can carry my groceries thank-you-very-much.







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