MMM – Aldo Leopold Nature Center

Mostly Madison Mondays – a howdoyoudo from my new hometown of Madison, Wisconsin

There is little difference between Monday and Tuesday around here but I do apologize for the delay.  Struggling for the new.

When I left Michigan I thought my pastoral/rural/countryside days were behind me and I liked it that way.  I became a city girl.  But being back in the Midwest, living in Madison some twenty years later and with a child, to the fields I have returned.  Every week Arlo and I go to the lovely marshes at Aldo Leopold Nature Center.  It is a wonderful space for learning about our natural world.  Frogs abound, turtles, water striders, ducks – all creatures great and small are there to spot.  Feeling saturated in my green environs however, I was not inspired to photograph flower or fauna.  So instead here’s Arlo figuring out shadows:

He kept repeating, “ARLO!”  “MOMMY!”

And I would reply, “Yes, Arlo and Mommy are walking down the path.”


“Yes sweetie.”

This went on and on as the language of a 2-year-old lends itself.  Hot and thirsty and mildly annoyed, I stopped walking and got ready to explain the beauty of internalizing one’s worldly observations. When I looked down however I saw he was looking down and the ARLO and MOMMY he was describing was not us but our shadows.  Clever boy.  Out came the shadow antlers and other sillies and we walked the rest of the way entertained, happy and wiser.

Okay, I couldn’t resist entirely.  Here’s a picture of Aldo’s fauna, in particular a sun-soaked dragonfly:


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