Visible Monday: Gatherings

I’m switching gears from Mostly Madison Mondays to Visible Mondays for a while because I’ve been everywhere and seen everything in this town.  Nah.  I’ve just been inspired by my good friend Heather at Vintage French Chic and Patti at Not Yet Dead Style to embrace change with style and document it.

What’s new:

  • Arlo starts morning preschool next week.  Knowing I won’t be dressing to go to a construction site or playground or sandbox should will shift my wardrobe and make-up choices.
  • Pregnant and already showing, I will strive to showcase this temporary and fabulous body.
  • Pregnant, this is a nice way to make sure I document my weekly progress.


13 Weeks

Dress:  Talbots, Sunglasses: REI, Lipgloss: Chanel Emoi

This dress is pretty Betty Draper for me.  It is not my usual preferred cut or print or color and yet it is the only wardrobe purchase I made this summer.  I picked it because it was on sale and would grow with an early pregnancy.  That’s about it.  It works though.  It is 100% cotton, has lots of folds and gathers and is pretty flattering and comfortable.  I love my sandals which match my lip color and these dashes of red make me happy.  Since we were going on a playdate that involved baking and a backyard I was nervous about this choice but in the end I returned home completely unscathed and with a delighted child.


11 thoughts on “Visible Monday: Gatherings

  1. (clapping!!) I love this…I LOVE that you are doing this. Of course, I am not doing Visible Mondays any longer but you definitely should. That dress is gorgeous, as are you. I love that the baby bump is showing. Have you happened to check out ? Please do because I swear she is your Italian twin (same brown eyes, same dimples…)l


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