Visible Monday: Jewel Blue

15 Weeks

If not for tonight’s dinner invite from my neighbors, this post would include me in my pajamas as I’ve yet to leave the house.  So I’m happy to put on one of my roomier sundresses, thin as tissue, bought in Venice Beach, worn endlessly in Bermuda and head next door.  Like Gatherings, it is another favorite for early pregnancy but unlike Gatherings, this dress has no support or structure.  It really might as well be my pajamas.  Note to self.*

Since I’m about three days away from a haircut, my scarves and hats have been in regular rotation.  Kris brought several gorgeous silks back from India many years ago – before we even met – but wasn’t sure how to display or use them.  I finally had the edges seamed and now wear them regularly.  I don’t think he minds.  I’m wearing my favorite eyeshadow, MAC’s Jewel Blue.  Once I learned to highlight my beady brown eyes with contrasting color, I’ve been a blue/purple/pink MAC girl ever since.

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5 thoughts on “Visible Monday: Jewel Blue

  1. I love the silk scarf in your hair! You deserve to be comfortable in your casual sundresses, and you look great. Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday.


  2. Hi Lisa- Congratulations!! I’m so pleased that all the planets have aligned in your family’s favor. I jumped for joy when I read your news. May you continue to have an uneventful pregnancy and feel great and look gorgeous. x Liz Nystrom


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