Last Name Only

Arlo loves his new school bag.  Kris took him for a trail walk at Aldo Leopold this weekend and he carried it the entire time.  He even holds on to it in the car.  “I NEEEEEEEEED IT.”

Weeks ago when we attended Preschool Orientation, we were repeatedly reminded to label everything that comes into the school.  Simple direction and yet I could not commit to first name or last name.  He’s the only Arlo in his class – might be the only one in the entire school – but still it seemed so unofficial to use just his first name. (Oh, Army.)  But the school uses his first name for his cubby and coat hook, that must be what they mean for labeling.  I was *this* close to making a fool of myself and calling the school for further direction when it dawned on me –  we are having another child.  A child who might also love her brother’s alphabet backpack and want to carry it to school one day.  So to be fair and keep everyone’s current and future options open, we became a Last Name Only family.  More child.  More consideration.  It’s already happening!


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