Preschool, Day One

  • Arlo:  Cool.  Toys.  Kids.  Big Hug.  Kiss.  See you soon Mommy!
  • Me:  Tears streaming in the school’s parking lot.  Hold it together for God’s sake.  Do not let him see you cry.  Enter school.  Get tissue and reassurance from teacher.  Goodbye my Darling!  Big Hug.  Kiss.  See you soon!
    What am I doing?  What have I done?  Sobbing.  He’s just a baby, my baby.  What am I supposed to do without him?  This is a mistake.  I should go get him.  Return to parked car.  Cry harder.

Preschool, Day Two

  • Arlo:  Awake at 5:10am
  • Me:  “When is the absolute earliest I can drop him off?”

Assimilation complete.


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