Visible Monday: Ma Zhong

Approaching the middle of September and I’m still wearing sundresses.  I just bought this maxi at Motherhood Maternity for $19 dollars so I have to get my money’s worth.  I think this does it.  It was 55 degrees this morning so I threw on my jean jacket but by the afternoon I was grateful for the bare arms.

16 Weeks. Apologies for the Liz-Taylor-White-Diamonds-esqe washout here. Struggling with focus when using camera’s timer.

Kris gifted me diamond studs on my 40th birthday and because I’ve always wanted them and because I constantly held a wobbly baby, I never took them off.  It dawned on me that Arlo now understands how to be gentle so it’s time to resurrect my earring collection.  Soon enough another wobbly baby will be in my arms so carpe diamond.

I bought these earrings on a trip to Hawaii nearly 10 years ago.  This was long before Scrabble tiles were being repurposed into pendants and long before I even knew what Ma Zhong was.  They were just big and bright and unique:

Untouched. Because I must pay for the sin of my previous photo.

I’ve since travelled to China, learned to play Ma Zhong and have two sets of my own so now these earrings, in addition to being pretty, really have a special place in my heart.  Today they provided just the right touch of color waist-up while coordinating with this dress’ red rope belt.

Arlo has been terribly curious about my earrings all day: “GREEN BALL!”  “FOUR!” while remaining gentle.  Like my eyeshadow and pendants, it draws him in and keeps him close to my face.  I will use every weapon in my arsenal to keep that child near me.  Soon I’ll start dabbing Nutella behind my ears.

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11 thoughts on “Visible Monday: Ma Zhong

  1. You do pregnant so well! Very pretty dress, love the color you added with the belt and earrings. Now I am off to Google Ma Zhong–never heard of it. But I do like game pieces as jewelry.


  2. Had to read this twice : “Soon enough another wobbly baby will be in my arms so carpe diamond”, and make sure your pic was 2012, not a prior year…wahoo!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!


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