My Cinder Blocks Bring All the Boys to the Yard

A return to the Temple for this post which also highlights a nice Pinterest win!

Saw this:

Scored a bunch of cinder blocks off craigslist and let the plan formulate.  Never happened.  I don’t need a wall of cinder blocks and I don’t have a green thumb even for succulents.  Should have really thought this through but hey, you can always do something with cinder blocks.  We briefly considered a fire pit but then looked twice at our heavily treed yard and redwood sided house.  Back to Pinterest.

Saw this:

Pinned it though since our backyard already has plenty of seating wasn’t sure how to implement.  So there the blocks remained, stacked on the patio, middle finger upward.

We were all spending more and more time in the front yard between working on Neck Deep and kicking around the soccer ball.  As I grew more and more pregnant, the need for seating out there became painfully apparent.


Outside of the size, the only thing we did differently was make sure solid surfaces surrounded the sitter.  I don’t want anything crawling out of a hole and on to me while sipping my cider and watching Kris chase the soccer ball down the street for the 84th time.  There are blocks in the back for support but I added the cushions for comfort and because they look autumnal.  Added bonus to this set up are all the tunnels for Arlo’s trucks to drive through.


  • Kris leveled the ground and set this up in less than hour.


  • Cinder blocks free from craigslist
  • Cushions owned
  • Straw $4 Goodwill (I can’t believe I bought decorative straw.  You may revoke my Michigan birth certificate now.)
  • Gourds $6 Grocery store
  • TOTAL = $10

It’s very comfortable, can remain year-round and I think our re-use of cinder blocks jives nicely with our re-use of glass bottles.  I can’t wait to put jack o’lanterns on the arms!

Speaking of autumn, look who decided to photobomb:

The Wild Turkeys of South Hill Drive


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