Modge Hodge Podge

What I want to write about today is how much it sucks being sick and alone, but who cares?  I will say this:  the Vaporizer was named by someone with a cruel sense of humor.  THE VAPORIZER.  It sounds like it should be wearing a cape while tunneling through my sinus cavities with a flamethrower.  My hero!  It’s a mister, okay?  It puffs water into the air, nothing more.  Call it the Poofter.  Wait . . . nevermind.

So instead I decided to do something that gave me satisfaction (while not killing me) and then write about that.  But it turns out that project is going to take a couple of mornings to complete so I’m hitting the archives for relatable inspiration.

As a frequent mover and resulting renter, I jumped right on board the wall decal bandwagon.  I think they are a brilliant way to decorate your home without the commitment of wallpaper, paint or hiring a muralist.  The first decals I ever tried were for Arlo’s nursery, a big ol’ elephant above his dresser/changing area:

and this set of Wee Gallery Jungle decals on the walls behind his crib:

When moving from Bermuda I just hated to throw them away – not for sentimental reason as this is a mass-produced item AND there’s a black dot where my heart should be – it just seemed like a waste when they were still sticky and could be enjoyed for a few more years at least.  So with a nearly two-year old climbing and stretching and reaching I decided to apply these decals to an old paint-splattered IKEA stool I seldom used for household fix-its:

My first experience with Modge Podge. Gaps filled in with a leftover paint sample.

I love this stool.  It can be used anywhere in a million ways but for now it’s how Arlo ever-so-sweetly climbs in and out of his bed:

He’s already feeling his oats and wanting to get off and on by side of the bed (“HELP YOU!”), but until he grows the stool remains and makes me happy that the decals live on.

My next project also involves wall decals (THERE it is) and I’m really excited to get it done.  They will provide the background to some incredible art that I cherish deeply.  I can’t wait to share it with you.

Sweet dreams and feel better!


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