Visible Monday: Juniors

When pregnant with Arlo, a dear friend let me borrow her entire maternity wardrobe.  It was awesome as there was only one rack of maternity wear (that I knew of) in all of Bermuda and oddly enough, that was at Benetton.  The smatterings I picked up on some travels barely equate to much and are really for hot weather.

I am desperate for clothing.

I own a couple of leggings so I need tunics.  I also need pants, sweaters, long sleeve shirts and a coat.  I have been to:

  • Gap – No maternity section
  • H&M – No maternity section
  • Target – Tried every single pair of pants they sell (all four) and none fit.  I also don’t need/want another plain tee-shirt.
  • Macy’s – Only sells A Pea in the Pod and Motherhood Maternity brands
  • Motherhood Maternity – Cheaply constructed and pedestrian in style; would compromise on one but not both
  • Goodwill
  • St. Vincent de Paul’s Thrift Store
  • Three local, independent consignment shops

Looking online:

  • Overstock – 14 items only and nearly all lightweight, poly dresses
  • ASOS  – Nothing above a size 10
  • Hatch – Cannot justify $300 for a boyfriend sweater.  Unless the boyfriend comes with.
  • Amazon  – A total zoo but I’m probably going to have to resort to ordering 100 things in order to keep 5.
  • H&M: “online shopping is not currently offered”
  • Walmart – “not available at this time” 
  • Levi’s – “we are having trouble locating a match for you search: “maternity””  Are you kidding me Levi’s???

What is going on out there?  Thanks Heidi Klum and Jessica Simpson for designing new maternity lines but when you sell them exclusively at MM or Destination Maternity you are selling out.  You created Project Runway!  Come on!  Where are all the unique, boutique maternity clothes?  I’m ready to showcase this body and who’s got my front?  No one.

So I do the same thing every woman does, resort to non-maternity wear.  IT IS NOT THE SAME THING.  HAVE YOU SEEN A PREGNANT WOMAN’S BODY SHAPE?  There  is a store in Madison called Hot Mama.  They have toys and animal crackers in the center of the store for your kids, which is brilliant.  Do they have a single piece of maternity wear?  At Hot Mama?  No.  When I stared dumbfounded at the saleswoman she quickly said, ” But we have a few items that have an empire waist that might work.”  Might.

Doesn’t anyone want my money?

Back to Target to return those jeans and some long, bright tops caught my eye in the Juniors department.  Tried them on.  Finally something with a pattern that will cover my belly and my butt with these leggings.

18 Weeks. Shooting from the hip. Sick as hell. No make-up and with a mystery bruise on my leg. Classy. But still pregnant!

Turns out these are dresses not tops, which makes a lot more sense when I think about them being Juniors.  I bought three – Large, X Large and XX Large.  If you don’t think I’m desperate, ask me how many other pieces of clothing I own that are size XX Large.

Disdain written all over my face.

The tops are … nice.  I do like the bold prints.  They get the job done but they’re not designed for my body and I doubt very much I will be able to wear them in my 30th week and beyond.  At least they were cheap.  What every woman wants to say about her style decisions.

On to happier things, my jewelry:

Glass drop earrings gifted by a Bermudian friend so I’ll always have the water with me.
Glass pendant from Bermuda’s Dockyard Glassworks
Gorgeous newborn looking over my shoulder, mine.

For more style and less ranting, check out Visible Monday here.  (Thank you for indulging this post Patti!)


14 thoughts on “Visible Monday: Juniors

  1. I can’t say I’ve felt your pain, but I do empathize – how frustrating to *need* clothing and not be able to find it. I do like the three “dresses” you found – very fetching prints, esp the stripes. Maybe we should put out a call to seamstresses who read Visible Monday?? : >


  2. I ended up buying a huge lot of maternity clothes off craigslist. I then sold 2/3 of it because it was crap but kept some that I didn’t completely hate. Then again, I’d gotten rid of most of my closet when we left New York, so I was desperate for clothes. The bulk method filled my closet instantly so I had time to shop for things I’d actually like. And I ended up getting a pair of XXL scrubs pants which became my favorite house attire. If only I’d had them when I was cycling! :)

    While I didn’t shop them for maternity, I have bought/sold a ton of kids’ stuff at consignment sales. It’s great for the “I’m only going to wear this a few months” mentality. You also have a Savers which is my new favorite thrift. I buy most of Mo’s clothes there. For some reason, they tend to have much better quality than goodwill and others. And, it doesn’t have that skeevy smell!

    I googled for you and found this:


  3. Hi, I just wanna thank you for popping by my blog and leaving a comment, appreciate it. :) Im sorry to hear you have such a hard time finding maternity wear. I havent been pregnant yet but Im already pondering about what to wear.


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  5. Thank you so much for your kind note. I don’t know if my decision to go public was a good one because I can’t help but read some of the negative comments. They truly hurt! My intent was to help other couples going through what we are going through.

    Anyway, thanks again for your kind words.


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