After passing it with my nose high in the air many times, I finally went inside Odana Antiques.  We need a living room lamp and while I don’t want anything antique, I do want Mid-Century which as it turns out is quickly becoming the same thing.

What a store –  30,000 square feet of mind-boggling inventory.  If I were to write a children’s book this is the world in which it would breathe.  Even the dolls on this doll’s coveralls can’t believe how they livin’:

There’s no doubt in my mind I will find that Wisconsin license plate here.  I’m sure I’ll find one from Bermuda as well.  Do you need a miniature jadeite vase to compliment the set your great-grandmother brought over from Uzafbekrussturk Republic?  Got it.  A throw cushion covered with the shorn hair of 1958 Hare Krishna devotee?  Square or bolster?  Blond or brunette?  Perhaps you’re longing to hang a detailed dissection of the Common Mushrooms of the Americas in your kitchen?  Actually I’m seriously considering that purchase so lay off.

Odana Antiques!  I can’t wait to go back and see the other half of their palace.  And then return to look at it all over again.  Despite being in a materialistically highly aroused state, I was able make one purchase, a candle holder for the half-bath.  (It was stashed INSIDE a hand-carved wooden milking bucket, maybe I’m the only one who has ever even seen it!  Make me cool.  Something.  Please.) I still need that living room lamp though and I just know it’s somewhere in that 30,000 square feet waiting for me to pluck its cherry.

Buy local.  Be happy.


8 thoughts on “Antiquing

  1. Mid-Century is a hot commodity right now, thank you Mad Men. Have your tried Etsy? Also Rubylane is another good place to look. However, nothing beats soaking up the sights and smells from multi-decades of stuff vying for attention in a 30,000sq ft. mall of dreams. I would love to go shopping with you for this kind of stuff. But I don’t do dolls…these two kind of creep me out.


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