Visible Monday: Foundation

Last Monday’s post was a lament/rant about the lack of maternity style out in the world.  Thank you all for your creative advice and recommendations.  Because of you I saw the light!  I decided to get a grip, take a long, hard look at what I already own and lift my finger off the panic button.

In January we left Bermuda and moved to Madison with just our suitcases.  We didn’t get our household goods until April.
From January to April this is what I wore, this was my 100 Day Wardrobe:

I wasn’t setting any trends but everything fit, looked stylish and kept me warm.  As I was (desperately, despairingly) trying to get pregnant I couldn’t bear the thought of buying regular clothes, so I made sure what I did own was comfortable, quality stuff.  100 Days.  It worked well so I decided to apply that same philosophy to my 280 Day Maternity Wardrobe – I don’t need a lot, I just need a stylish foundation.  After last week’s post, I culled through every single cold weather clothing item I owned. I tried everything on to determine its flexibility and comfort and ended up with this:

Looks thin but at least three tops are in the laundry!

I separated these clothes from everything else in my closet so I wouldn’t be tempted into wearing something that doesn’t work/fit.  I’ve now got solid pieces that make me feel good and will get me through this pregnancy, including two maternity dresses I had with Arlo.  I’ve purchased a maternity tank top to go under my cardigans and two additional pairs of the maternity jeans I already own.  A couple more shirts are pretty necessary but now I feel I can search for some real gems instead of just grabbing any old thing out of desperation and spending the rest of the day feeling crappy about myself.

Speaking of gems, let’s get to Visible Monday:

19 Weeks

This top was a panic purchase from Amazon.  I was unsure of the color and the fabric (viscose) but it was on sale so I went for it.  I think it showcases the bod very nicely, is super fem and looks great with my jeans and boots.  Maternal America, Size L

Dusty Rose is a tough shade to compliment so I kept it in the family by lining my eyes in the most purple shade I own, Mac’s Atlantic Blue:

Happy to be over the style bump hump and send you off to more Visible Monday here!


8 thoughts on “Visible Monday: Foundation

  1. As I look at you looking gorgeous in that top, I remember how basically ugly maternity clothes were when I was having babies! (My “baby” is 25 years old.) Although I still shrink a bit at seeing pregnant tummies in bikinis, I do love how the newer maternity styles don’t try to hide that beautiful bump. That top is BEAUTIFUL and you are glowing!

    Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life
    I’m giving away a beautiful Soft Surroundings top!


  2. This maternity top is gorgeous! Glad you were able to find creative ways to make your wardrobe work for you – it’s the little things that make you feel pretty when you’re preggo that are important!


  3. You scored beautifully with this dusty rose top – the ruffles are so feminine without crossing into “cutesy”, and it does show off your glorious silhouette. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

    PS: Love your pared-down closet – it’s inspiring!


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