Visible Monday: Optical Illusion

With nothing on the morning’s docket but grocery shopping, decorating and installing smoke alarms, I am low-key today in leggings, one of my Junior Dresses from Target and my Gap cargo jacket which I hope will get me through autumn:

Of the three dresses I bought to wear with leggings I do like this one the most.  The black and white is rather cheery, I can wear any jewelry with it and as my belly grows it stretches and swirls my whole body into an optical illusion.  Cool.

21 Weeks

I was blessed with size 11 feet.  (Again, I am not 6’4″.)  I have probably saved thousands of dollars on shoes because of this and am truly grateful.  I just realized that I’m not a handbag person either.  Coincidence?

I have six pairs of footwear for September through April and these boots are at the top:

I love these mauve-y, crinkled leather boots that I can wear all day long, anywhere, except in the rain or snow.  (From Mia Limited Edition, purchased a couple of years ago.)  One look at them and you can hear crunching leaves and crackling fires, amirite?

Joining up with Patti for Visible Monday here.  Get your Monday style on!


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