Visible Monday: Batik

22 Weeks

I bought this dress from Anthropologie last autumn while on my third IVF trip.  I must’ve been feeling hopeless as it is not maternity wear.  Or I must have been feeling optimistic as I knew it would stretch in interesting ways to accommodate a pregnancy.  Either way, here we are today, 22 weeks pregnant, stretched in batik for Visible Monday.

This is a dress I would normally wear with spanx or tights so when I found a pair of maternity tights in my stash I thought I’d give it a whirl.  I was eager to make it work as it is very comfortable and I adore the colors and print.  It is casual enough to wear to preschool and to a doctor’s office to hear one’s baby’s heartbeat and receive a flu shot.  The tights however . . . no.  Just no.  They were down to my knees within the hour so I disposed of the saggy matter.  Why did I save them for three years?  Anyway, a pregnant body can be forgiven for all its extra cushion and curve but there is no way I can wear this dress solo.  Errands done, rain pouring down, in for the afternoon, I am now comfortable in my yoga pants and cotton tunic.

Before I go, a word about my jewelry.  My generous mother-in-law has gifted me much gold from India which sadly I rarely wear.  Since I was cloaked in batik today I thought I’d resurrect one of the more casual sets.  Pricking my finger reminded me of why I haven’t worn them in nearly three years:  the first time I put them on I scratched Arlo across his wee infant forehead by simply holding him against my neck.  The earrings are daggers.  Great for a ghetto fight scene, horrible for a new mother.  See you in three more years Dear Jewelry.

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8 thoughts on “Visible Monday: Batik

  1. It’s a gorgeous dress, Lisa, and I think you were feeling positive when you bought it – because look at you now : > Sorry about the tights. That’s happened to non-pregnant me too, and it’s no fun. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!


  2. Love, love the dress! :-) you look so glam! Pregnancy suits you well. there must be some truth to the old wives’ tale that a sure sign its a girl is if the woman is blooming while pregnant.


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