The Crib, The Crib, The Crib is on Fire

Decisions, decisions.

  • Arlo’s crib
  • Leftover wallpaper from the living room (L)
  • Leftover wallpaper from the master bedroom (R)
  • Fabric I picked up years ago at a Greenwich, Connecticut garage sale
  • Carpet from our new neighbors

Gosh it’s been nice to have these items displayed so I can go in the nursery at different times of the day under different lighting, ruminate on the choices and dream about the ultimate design of my Daughter’s room.  Shame though I leaned it all up against the light bar, turned the lights on today, vacuumed the rest of the house and then smelled smoke.

Some design dilemmas just resolve themselves.


5 thoughts on “The Crib, The Crib, The Crib is on Fire

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