We are breastfeeding fools around this house but let me state the obvious that for all families with two Dads, adoptive and foster families and anyone else who doesn’t breastfeed, there’s more than one way to parent.  The most dedicated and devoted mother I know did not breastfeed.  I am a child of adoption and I was not breastfed.  You make it work.
I parent through the boob because like duct tape, it fixes everything.  And since I think breastfeeding is Arlo’s to relinquish and not mine to take away, we’re still at it.  About to embark on nurturing a newborn as well, I’ll be posting hither and thither about breastfeeding and how mostly* incredible it is.
End of Probably Unnecessary Preface

Kris and I joke about how we’re raising a Sensy:

“JD: “He’s one of my people, He’s a Sensy”

Turk: “What’s a Sensy?”

JD: “It’s short for sensitive guy”
JD: “Our music is acoustic alternative, we marvel at fireflies, and when we help a drunk girl home from a bar, sure we cop a feel….of her hair as we’re pulling it back so she doesn’t get any vomit in it”

 — Scrubs

Turns out our observation has some scientific merit.  From psychologist Dr. Darcia Narvaez at the University of Notre Dame, “In our studies, breastfeeding initiation is correlated with social cooperation at 18 months, fewer behavior problems at 24 months, and empathy at age three. Breastfeeding length is correlated in 3 year olds with inhibitory control (being able to stop one’s behavior), sense of guilt, and concern after doing something wrong.”

For more on the new research click here.

If you are pregnant and thinking about breastfeeding or currently having problems with nursing, reach out to your local La Leche League.  Attend a meeting with other moms and babes and feel the support of a maternal community.  Breastfeeding!  Duct Tape!

*Not so incredible when your nearly three-year-old wants to set up camp on your boob rather than get dressed for preschool.  But who can blame him?  They’re only getting bigger and rounder.  He’s never, ever going to stop.


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