I don’t like to cook.  With Arlo at school in the mornings however, I now feel obligated to do even more in the kitchen.  (Why don’t I feel obligated to watch more t.v.?  Discuss.)  One thing I’m forever trying is to get more — any — vegetables into that child.  This pin looked so easy and the oh! the possibilities:

My first attempt, first carrot:

Went horizontal instead of vertical so they would fit in his lunchbox. Fail.

Second attempt, second carrot:

Forgot the timer. Arlo home. Fail.

Third attempt, third carrot:

Flaccid. Fail.

Food wasted:  carrots (3), olive oil, salt
Items washed:  mandolin, blade, bowl, knife, silpat, cooking sheet, countertops
Time wasted:  $*^@#$%**!@#$%$#%

How many more vegetables must be slain in the name of cooking?  Won’t someone please think of the vegetables?

Sorry zucchini.  You’ll probably be next.


4 thoughts on “Carrots

  1. Try it with sweet potatoes too. I do this all the time. Cut them up, skins on, like steak fries but not too thick. Olive oil, sea salt, pepper, basil…roast/bake for around 12-15 minutes, flipping them over once. Delish!!


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