Visible Monday: Pink Eye

I’ve got a busy couple weeks ahead of me but they do not start today.  I pulled on a simple cotton t-shirt and jeans and decided to get visible in my make-up and pendant.

MAC is back and the color is Passionate.  If you are a brown-eyed lady (or gent) I highly recommend a pink eyeshadow.  I would usually pair this with a dark liner but since I am so casual today I just used it to color my lids.  The lip color is extreme but the only one I had handy before snapping this pic.  The other more appropriate color was all the way downstairs in my purse.  Six whole steps!  And the whole opening of the purse, finding it, applying it, returning it —  oh please.  I’m exhausted from just typing the words.

This is my other glass pendant from Dockyard Glassworks in Bermuda.

One of the best style tips I ever received was to dress and accessorize in proportion to my body.  Unless it has been gifted, I stick to large, chunky jewelry.  And from there I’ll let you draw the obvious conclusion about my body type.  Best tip ever and I apply it to the purses I carry and the prints I wear and everything in between.

23 Weeks


Finally, the belly shot.  ROUND.  My breasts are taking on a life of their own already.  Bra shopping – nursing bra shopping – will soon be a necessity.

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