Visible Monday: Choirmaster

24 Weeks and still an innie.

This little Free People number I picked up from a boutique in Millburn, New Jersey.  It was off-season and I got it for $29.  The intricate beading on the neckline more than makes up for the gauze-like fabric.  I wear this top (poncho?) often and I’m happy it works well as maternity wear too.

Because of the neckline I don’t have to wear a necklace and because of the neckline I don’t want to get too snazzy with my earrings.  I decided to put on my pale pink studs and call it a day on jewelry.  I lined my eyes with dark purple but to avoid being too matchy-matchy I highlighted them with what else – MAC’s Swimming.  I’m not a huge fan of subtle eye color but as a highlight for beady brown eyes, you can’t beat a sparkly green.

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6 thoughts on “Visible Monday: Choirmaster

  1. Patti is so right (again)… you’re looking gorgeous. How nice to be able to proudly stretch fabric over your baby-bump and not wear the pathetic old-school maternity wear that used to be the norm. ( Hide it, hide it !!! Somebody might think you had sex once!) Enjoy every minute.


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