Put Your Lips Together and Blow

I used to travel with and then lead Habitat for Humanity Global Village trips.  What they do to wide acclaim in the States they also do overseas in two and three-week stints.  I can’t speak highly enough of the program.  If you’re looking for a “volunteer vacation”, check it out.

My last trip, Poland, 2006. Removing old nails so wood could be reused.

Habitat for Humanity is why I bought this harmonica.

Ain’t she beautiful for being nearly seven years old? That’s because she’s never been used.

All those Habitat trips of living and sweating with strangers in strange lands taught me the power of music.  How do you break the ice?  How do you lighten the load?  Music.  We were always singing.  Our hosts were always singing.  So in anticipation of my next trip, I decided to buy and learn the ultimate portable musical instrument:  the harmonica.  I bought a good one too so that I would be even more motivated to use it.

Several months later and the only volunteer trip I was taking was to my Reproductive Endocrinologist’s office.  Pregnant over and over, I was not traveling overseas.  The harmonica waited.

Years later and pregnant “for good”, Arlo came and with him the drive to keep.the.house.quiet.for.baby.sleeps.damnit.

I am not a keeper of things.  If I don’t use it, I put it back out into the world.  Yet for seven years I’ve held on to this harmonica and this week the wait is over.  I started real, live lessons with a professional.

With the photo course, the holidays, pregnancy and life, I may have bitten off more than I can chew but if not now, when?  My goal has changed from rallying team members for another long, hot day of mixing mortar to an impromptu “Wheels on the Bus” for Arlo’s class.  Baby steps, but we’re walking nonetheless.


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