I spent about an hour the other day selecting paint samples to coordinate with the wallpaper and fabric for the nursery.

(I love preschool.)

Before taking the time to do this however I should have checked Home Depot to make sure they had the additional roll of wallpaper in stock.  They do not.  So now I must start over.  Lighting everything on fire should have triggered this a couple of weeks ago but now I’d say it’s written in stone.

Outside of Arlo’s crib and furniture, I am committed to two things, 1) dark purple velvet curtains and 2) wallpapering a very tall accent wall against which the crib will rest.  A friend of mine introduced me to Spoonflower and look what happened to my Baby’s Room Pinterest Board:

Gawh.  Have you been over there?  Spoonflower is to wallpaper choices what Dylan’s Candy Bar is to diabetics.  Damnit I’m hungry.

Several hours later and the rush abated, I’ve whittled it down using the following the criteria:

  • Scale.  This is a large wall.  I deleted anything that used a small, repetitive print.
  • Pattern Matching. Some of this wallpaper was first designed as fabric and therefore doesn’t match cleanly on a repeating wall pattern.
  • Elephants.  Enough with the elephants already.

From 32 pins to 18:

The last five pins are from The Wallpaper Company from Home Depot.  Very reasonable but now I doubt they’ll hold a candle to what Spoonflower offers.  I only need 72 square feet so I’m also willing to spend a little more.

What to do, what to do?  How long will this room be Daughter’s room?  It’s much larger than Arlo’s room but I don’t plan on entertaining “I’m older!  I should get more/bigger/better,” pleas so maybe it will always be her room and I should plan accordingly?  It also houses the guest space (which we’ll use while visitors will get our master) so do I need to go more neutral/adult?

How though, just how am I supposed to resist pink peacock feathers?  This could last her years. (And did I mention my children are Indian?)

via Spoonflower

And it’s just one wall.  It should be bold.

via Spoonflower

Samples are $5 each.  18 x $5 = insanity.  Cannot do.  Must whittle down further.

This is tough.  This is really tough.  And I am loving every single moment of it!


4 thoughts on “Tallpaper

  1. Paint the accent wall. You can repaint it every month if you want. So much more flexible. Says the most boring yet practical person you know. (Mo’s room is the lavender I always wanted, btw)


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