Exit Only

Wrapping my head around labor and birth, I watched The Business of Being Born yesterday.  It is probably the fifth time I’ve seen it but its impact never wanes.  Here’s the trailer from the 2007 ground-breaking documentary:

It once again inspires me to birth at home.  I mean, does this say “Nest. Relax. Take your time”?  Is this where you want to be in both your darkest and most euphoric moments?


This is one of the labor and delivery rooms at Meriter Hospital.  The Midwifery Center hosted an Open House there Wednesday night.  My initial meeting with a midwife on Monday went very well (as opposed to my intake meeting).  She looked me in the eye and listened.  She was upbeat and for the first time in this pregnancy, hands were actually laid upon me.  Nothing but her expert hands and my bulging abdomen.  It felt like care.  During the Open House I was very happy to meet all the other midwives in the practice.  I was even happier to learn about their level of autonomy and how they strive to treat every woman and her birth individually.  For example, when my tour group was told that we had to be minimum 4 cm dilated in order to be admitted, my hand flew up in the air:

“What if I don’t want any dilation checks?” (I don’t.  Get out of there.  Exit Only today.)

The midwife didn’t hesitate:

“That’s no problem.  Dilation checks are not required.  We’ll work with you on whatever kind of birth you want.”

Yes!  Midwifery!

I still don’t want to birth in a hospital.  I believe home is the best place for me to birth, but more about home birth in a later post.  Today I’m buoyed by positive first impressions and flexibility of care.


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