Visible Monday: Freitag You’re It

I am




and caffeine-


I take more vitamins now that I ever have my whole life.  I do my daily yoga.  I rest.

WHY CAN’T I STOP GETTING SICK?  I am so fed up.  I think I had a 10-day reprieve, but it’s back and I am f’ing miserable.  MISERABLE.  With no chance in hell of getting hair and make-up done today I bring to you what makes me feel visible on the outside (with matching garage accessories):

Hat:  Ambler
It has a fleece band on the inside that covers my ears.  Very warm.

Sunglasses:  Whole Foods
No comment.

Coat:  Mountain Gear, XL
I bought this jacket in this color so Arlo could always find me.  True story.

Handbag:  Freitag
Let’s linger here for a moment.

My husband Kris is an excellent gift-giver.  He pays attention throughout the year and then blammo!  He drops something meaningful/useful/beautiful in my lap.  I broke my 15-year-old Coach wallet while in Bermuda and while Coach offers a lifetime $20 only repair fee, it was a challenge to get this taken care of while outside the States.  Before I knew it this beauty came to me at Christmas, all the way from Zürich, Switzerland:

Soon enough I needed to start thinking of a bag I could use as both my purse and diaper bag.  Kris was returning to Zürich so I put in my request once I found a design that

  • fit over my shoulder
  • opened with one hand and remained open
  • had at least one outside pocket
  • no zippers
  • waterproof

Freitag had it all in addition to being one-of-kind and made from recycled materials.  It was an investment to my wardrobe no question, but I only need one bag.  Well, two in case I go somewhere fancy-pants without children. So really this is the only bag I carry.  And with Daughter on the way I suspect I will continue to carry it for many years to come.

To see what other fabulous women are carrying and wearing this week, check out Patti’s Not Dead Yet Style and hey — why not join?  I’d love to see what makes you feel visible.


8 thoughts on “Visible Monday: Freitag You’re It

  1. You inspired me to check out Freitag bags, and they’re very impressive – I love that they’re made from pre-used material, and they look so *useful* as well as cool. Sorry you’re sick, Lisa, and I hope you’re much better soon. Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday!


  2. So many things I need to wrap my foggy brain around in this post:

    1. Sorry you are sick again but take comfort in knowing you are not alone. I started getting the stuffy head, sore throat last night. I am fighting it with loads of liquids, namely Harney and Sons Green Hot Cinnamon tea. We shall see.

    2. I can’t believe you only have one handbag.

    3. I can’t believe you have just, inadvertently I hope, introduced me to a new handbag brand. *&^%

    4. I applaud your husband for have a clue.

    Get well soon!


    • *googling green hot cinnamon tea* I might be all mint-ed out.
      I own I think three others – you would love them, they are my grandmother’s – but the last time I used them was when I unpacked them. Not a good sign but they are heirlooms I’m sure I’ll hold on to.


      • Harney and Sons is all you need to know for the hot green cinnamony goodness i have been drinking. SO GOOD.


  3. For what it is worth…I haven’t been taking vitamins in months and haven’t been sick. I just reintroduced them to my routine a few days ago. Coincidence?


  4. First, I hope you feel better soon…sickness is making a repeat visit at our house this week, too. Lots of hot tea and honey over here….boil some fresh ginger with lemon slices and add honey to taste — great for sore throats/coughing/stuffiness and nausea too.

    I am also in awe that you only have one handbag – although I have more than one, I pretty much use just one on a daily basis and change it up every couple of months.That purse and wallet are such a gorgeous shade of blue! I love how colorful and detailed your wardrobe and accessories are. Color me impressed ;-)


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