Breathing Lessons

With “You Are my Sunshine” and “O Christmas Tree” nearly memorized I have come to two conclusions about my harmonica:

              1. I should have never started lessons while battling heartburn and bronchitis.
              2. I like to photograph it more than play it.

To be honest the heartburn has really subsided since I gave up caffeine but I didn’t give up eating so what goes down often comes back up in a throaty, abrupt exhale.  OKAY, OKAY a burp all right?  Please — I’m trying to keep this blog classy.  As to what were once my sinus cavities but is now the Mucus Four Seasons, well, it dominates that whole oxygen/carbon dioxide relationship and it don’t have time for “O Susanna”.

Won’t you cry for me?

This harmonica is some tricky shit*.



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