In exactly one month my child will have been breastfeeding for three years.

Arlo post-nap, October 2012

Around the two-year mark things sort of shifted.  Arlo was more or less nursing only twice a day and the girls changed shape so I returned to my non-nursing bras.  Everything looked better.  There’s just something about that underwire.

Fast forward to nearly a year later and my non-nursing bras – which were never designed for nursing — have.had.enough.

The purple number is literally ripping in half and the nude, well, what exactly is going on back there?  After taking this picture and seeing the hesitation on my face, Kris said “YES. You should throw them away.  Right now.”  Lifting and separating is such sweet sorrow.

It kills me to spend $100 dollars on new bras — on nursing bras — but why?  When you wear and use something every single day, several times a day for three years you should invest in that something.  With Daughter on the way and every reason to believe our breastfeeding relationship will be just as strong, I dropped the hundie.  A big thanks to the good women at Madison’s independently owned Happy Bambino who measured me and let me try on no less than eight bras before deciding on two Bravado models – the bliss and the body.  They might not be made of purple floral lace but I’m feeding a human being here, not walking Victoria’s Secret runway.  Another big thanks to the man behind the bosoms and his belief in having the right gear for the right job, no matter the cost.

Jeez.  My back feels better already.

On a related note, who wouldn’t want bacon with their breakfast?
That isn’t porn.  That’s food porn.


4 thoughts on “Bound

  1. OMG, Lisa you kill me. Jim & I are sitting here having a great chuckle. You have always said it like it is, Girl. That is what I love about you! Aww, this little girl is coming into a wonderful sweet family! xo


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