Visible Monday: Headsuit

Liz Lemon:  Didn’t you just get a haircut two days ago?
Jack Donaghy:  I get my hair cut every two days. After all, your hair is your headsuit.


This picture was taken yesterday, also known as The Day Before My Haircut.  I’m cheating by posting it for Visible Monday for a couple of reasons:
2)  Despite my awesome new lid, which looks exactly like my old lid only shorter, the cold that started last Sunday kicked it up a notch and I am ill-prepared (ha!) to show the world today’s runny-eyed, puffy-cheeked, red-nosed paindear.

I love getting my hair cut.  I never go longer than five weeks but I would go every three if money were no object.  That makes Week Four long and awkward but prime time for scarves and hats.  This Ann Taylor hat is eons old but it goes with everything.  Sometimes I don it plainly but more often I wear it with this brooch made of an old necktie and a big button.  This brooch was gifted to me by my San Francisco bestie who I hope is learning now that I still wear it proudly.  (Hi!) It also matches my favorite eyeshadow, MAC’s Jewel Blue.  Winning!


The cutie-pie to my left is wearing conversion cargo pants from REI and a Burlington Coat Factory sweater.  He does not care about either.

To see what other fabulous women are donning this week, check out Patti’s Not Dead Yet Style.


10 thoughts on “Visible Monday: Headsuit

  1. I love your hat – it’s so cute on you! I just did something similar to a hat I never wore. I added some crocheted flowers and cloth buttons, and now I love it.

    I’ve also gone to a shorter hairstyle after getting completely bored with the bob. I love my new look, and it kind of liberated me to try new ways of dressing. I wish I could find a stylist I like, but I cut my own, which means constantly “fixing” it for days after a major cut. Not something I’d really recommend!


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