Peacock Fog

Once I decided on the pink peacock wallpaper for the nursery, I’ve had nothing but peacock on the brain.  Though I’m pretty sure we won’t have a shower for this baby, I’ve been maniacal in adding things to an Amazon Baby Registry.  (Zutano makes a very Partridge Family peacock t-shirt.  Squeal!)  I won’t act on anything until the room is done and I’ve culled through Arlo’s old clothes, but in the meantime I can’t seem to help myself.  Less registry and more To Buy list, once I’m ready to pull the trigger I’ll know what to get.  How’s that for justifying hours of onsie-gazing?

Speaking of showers, is this really a new trend?
13 creepy baby shower cakes | The Mommy Files | an blog

I’ve also stumbled upon what I think/thought was the perfect name.

It is not Peacock.

The name – the word itself fits our criteria:  easy to spell and pronounce, pairs melodically with our surname and is quite unique.  I’m not going to reveal what it is but I will tell you this:  I thought the name translated to raindrop (example) but after asking a friend far more intimate with the language of choice, I found out it really means fog (example).  I’m not sure how I feel about this.  While fog might have a negative or even ominous connotation, it is still powerful with a strong, earthy image and feel.  It isn’t pretty and sparkly like a raindrop but I think that might be okay.  I think it might even be better.

What do you think, based on such little information?

Rebecca Wolf over at Girl’s Gone Child, once wrote: “To name a baby is to cloak a child in meaning.”  Whoa.  Right?  The gravity of this awesome responsibility resonates with me as it clearly does with her.

If you’d like to languish longer in the lore of baby names, you might enjoy these previous posts:

Happy Long Holiday Peacock.


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