Visible Monday: Give ‘Em The Boot

Today’s main activity involved replacing my boots.  Yup, those boots.

One philosophy I try to practice around here is Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Repair so when I found the heels of my boots in dire shape I took them to a local cobbler.  Eighteen dollars later I felt pretty good about walking Mother Earth for at least another two years.

One week later I found this:

No worries, back to the cobbler.  Upon closer examination however and much to my dismay, the seams on both sides of my left boots were ripped.  Argh.  The cobbler quoted nearly $50 in additional repair and even recommended herself I simply wear the heels out and then let them go.  So I did and I have, as of today.

Another edict I apply to our material goods is “If something comes in, then something goes out.”  And that is exactly what happened with these boots.  I found a neutral pair of suede boots today, bought them and wore them out of the store.  No box, no bag and more importantly, asked the sales associate to dispose of my defunct boots then and there.  Now that is my kind of shopping experience.

27 Weeks

Quick note about my shirt and pendant:  the shirt is a Motherhood Maternity nursing top but I thought it was a nursing maternity top.  No.  Ha! Now THAT is a niche market.  Sadly it’s already getting too short but I take solace in the fact I’ll be able to wear it again and again postpartum.

My pendant is from Alexandra Mosher, a Bermudian jeweler/artist.  When Arlo was born I treated myself to one of her boiler rings, kind of as a companion piece to my wedding band.  Sadly I am traveling and did not bring it with me to photograph here but this pendant is also from her collection.  It is just sand in resin but it is so special to me as I literally get to carry a piece of Bermuda next to my heart.  If you find yourself in Bermuda and on the hunt for a one-of-kind memento or gift, contact Alexandra.  Her craft will not disappoint.

For more Visible Ladies, check out Patti’s inspiring Not Dead Yet Style and hey – have a great week!


10 thoughts on “Visible Monday: Give ‘Em The Boot

  1. That top is great…I am sure you will get much more wear out of it. As for the boots…it was humane of you to let them go. However, I applaud your philosophy, “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Repair”. I try to do the same. I was very proud this past summer when I got my Birkenstocks re-soled instead of buying new. I’m learning.


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