Visible Monday: Hot Pants

I love my new Ripe Maternity pants.

Hot Pants

28 Weeks

As a rule I do not wear light-colored pants, especially “skinny” style, but having only dark wash denim and black leggings was harshing my style mellow.  The risk paid off.  The fit is fabulous – look at that length!  At not even 5’8″ almost every pair of pants I try on is too short.  I don’t know how you tall women manage.  Not only is the length great but the fit is very comfortable and so far, no sagging.  Even the over-the-belly fabric is different.  I can no longer comfortably wear my jeans.  From the moment I put them on I am tugging them back up and this goes on all day long.  As my only pants, did I simply wear the elastic out already?  Yeeesh.  These cords cost about 3x what my jeans did and right now they seem worth it.  And like nearly everything else I own, since I liked them and expect them to last, I bought a second pair.  (My red Lauren Kiymoni shirt might look familiar.)  They’d better last.

The great length of these cords allows me to wear a bit of heel and these Dollhouse mary janes go perfectly.  I bought these for $15 from a Marshalls many years ago and have had them re-soled and re-heeled at least once.  Quality leather, studding and stitchery.

Hot Pants

Finally, the jewelry in a very awkward pose:

Hot Pants

I bought these earrings Saturday at Madison’s Fair Trade Craft Show.  I hate to buy just random baubles.  Plus I am lazy.  I could wear my studs, watch and wedding band for the rest of my life and never look back.  But zzzzzz….so I bought these and another pair.  I am happy with the look, weight, price ($10) and origin.  The wooden bracelet I bought in Tanzania and meets my criteria of accessories keeping in proportion with my body type.  In other words, it fits around my man-wrist.

This is me being Visible today.  How are you starting off the week?

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7 thoughts on “Visible Monday: Hot Pants

  1. I love it…and as always, you crack me up. That bracelet is gorgeous–nice buy. And the earrings look good with your outfit. Like you, I could wear my studs, watch and wedding rings and be good. I tend to jazz up my look with vintage pieces. But I love my horn bracelet and plan on getting another.


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