Visible Monday: Cardigan Cardigans

Are you like me, one of the gajillion followers of A Cup of Jo?  She is my daily dose of sweet to counter my daily dose of spice over at Dooce.  As a direct result of reading Joanna Goddard’s blog I have purchased:

29 Weeks

29 Weeks

One hand in my pocket and the other one is releasin' the remote shutterrrrrrrrrr.

One hand in my pocket and the other one is releasin’ the remote shutterrrrrrrrrr.

So sponsorship on your blog can work!  (Jo – I am available to guest author a post or two.)

I am not a layer-er.  Except for my Catholic School uniform, these are probably the only cardigans I’ve ever owned.  (I say cardigans because like everything else in my wardrobe I like, I bought two.  Today I am in fact wearing my second pair of Hot Pants.)  I always thought of cardigans as old and stodgy but I have expanded and evolved over the years.  Good thing too because it turns out maternity cold weather tops consist almost entirely of cardigans so I probably would have ended up with a couple in my closet anyway.

The top is a Motherhood maternity tank.  It fits well, comes in vibrant colors and is perfect for layering and wearing as a pajama top.  So of course I bought three.

The earrings are the second pair I bought at Madison’s Fair Trade Craft Show:


Pink ombre string art.  Fabulous.  I bought the first pair because I thought they would complement a lot of my outfits.  I bought this pair because I think they are beautiful.  Thank you to the Ecuadorian tiny-fingered artist who created them.

And thank you Patti for showcasing all kinds of great and inspiring style over at Visible Monday!


10 thoughts on “Visible Monday: Cardigan Cardigans

  1. I’m so inspired by the bold colors in your wardrobe and your bold jewelry choices! I, too, adore Bare Minerals and though I’ve tried many other kinds of foundation, Bare Minerals remains my favorite. Also, thanks for the intro to Cup of Jo and Dooce, I didn’t need 2 more inspiring blogs to read but both look great ;-)


  2. You are the only woman I know who has used her pregnancy to enhance her non-gestational wardrobe. Now that takes a real woman. Looking beautiful, you.


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